The Aristocats

My daughter is absolutely besotted with cats so she LOVED doing The Aristocats for this movie night. Poor her, her mother is deathly allergic. To get her in the mood I bought her a sparkly Halloween cat mask at the dollar store and she dressed up all in black with a tail and everything.





For the menu I bought inexpensive cat dishes at Home Outfitters and I served salmon and milk in them, which of course she tried to eat and drink without using her hands. That idea was quickly quashed. Her brother ate and drank his dinner like a normal human being.

The craft was a Marie tissue box cover and she adores it. I got the basic premise from a Chewbacca cover my son and I made earlier this summer from the Star Wars Craft Book which I raved about in my Star Wars Movie Night. For the craft supplies, you’ll need white faux-fur, a sewing machine, white thread, a square tissue box, pink satin ribbon, and pink, black, pale blue and white felt with matching embroidery thread. My daughter did all the sewing herself (with a coach standing by over her shoulder) so it was great for teaching her beginning sewing techniques. She was very proud of herself and wants to do more sewing so I’ll have to think of something else. Maybe a Disney park bag for another movie night to hold her water bottle, sunscreen and autograph book? Stay tuned!

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