The Little Mermaid

Here is our Little Mermaid movie night which ended up being super easy. We had a sleepover with my niece and she and my daughter wanted to do the craft together so they made seashell photo boxes. The girls just painted wooden photo boxes from the dollar store, then glued on seashells using hot glue (after a safety lesson on how to use a glue gun). Then in the frames we put photos of the kids meeting Ariel at Disney World. I was vastly entertained by the descriptions of the “treasures” that the girls are going to store in the boxes. 

The treats which my son helped me bake were spice cupcakes. We iced them with cream cheese icing and dipped them in sand (raw sugar). then we added sea shells (well washed) with pearls inside (scotch mints). I did wave cupcake liners from the template here, which I just filled in with pale blue and then cut out in a wave shape (I’m getting kind of in love with these things lately).  By the way, if you have a young helper in the kitchen, keep an eye on the mints. My assistant ate about six of them in two minutes while my back was turned helping the girls.

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