Sword in the Stone

The Sword in the Stone is another one of my childhood favourites. We spent the morning doing the craft and preparing the treat. The kids are watching it right now and I am in seventh heaven listening to them absolutely kill themselves laughing.

We did Sword in the Stone cupcakes (which my daughter baked) with grey icing and I printed off cupcake liners with a rock pattern on them because my husband said they looked like cupcakes with grey goop on them (which I suppose they were). I got the outline here and just added rock clip art to the inside of the pattern. The kids cut the liners out and my son loaned me some of his swords from his toy knights and there you go! I also went and bought a pair of silver goblets from the Goodwill and the kids decorated them with sticky jewels from the dollar store.

Then for the main craft the kids made hats. My daughter made a Merlin hat from purple construction paper and we had a great idea and attached the long skinny left-over piece of fluff from the Aristocats tissue box as a beard and eyebrows. My son and I made the crown with gold sparkly paper and red tissue from the dollar store. My daughter decorated her hat with stars punched out of my son’s left-over crown scraps and he decorated his with more sticky jewels. I got the instructions for the crown here. So for supplies for the two hats, you’ll need purple construction paper, sparkley gold paper, a star hole punch (if you have one), red tissue paper, sticky gems, a grommet, tape, scissors, and glue.

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