clouds_up_movie_balloons_movie_2560x1600_wallpaperno.com936full-up-superset-(2-blu--ray-discs-+-1-dvd-disc)-coverWow, it’s been so long since I visited and so much has happened. Sorry to everyone about the break. I got a lovely note from Samantha on twitter who requested Up and Ratatouille and I’ve finished off all the movies so I am posting Up today.

For this movie night my son turned had just turned seven, his official birthday, not the Hobbit party! And now he is eight! How did that happen? I swear I just brought him home from the hospital a few days ago! We did Up for our movie night (his choice). I looked for grape pop in bottles but I had no luck so we did a birthday cake covered with smarties for the snack.

For the craft, we did a canvas with a blue background and a little tiny house painted on and my son held the baby as he blobbed his fingers in a rainbow of colours to make the balloons. The colours in the photo are not reproducing that well here.

It was a very quiet birthday, I called it his “do whatever you want day” (I got the idea from his aunt). We had his favourite pizza for dinner and he played chess, lego and wii. His grandfather came and gave him walkie talkies for the park at Disney. He also got a copy of Spiderwick and some Ninjago Lego from us. Happy Birthday darling boy!

Picture 1Picture 2My son and I also made a dozen of these Ellie badges for all of my family on the trip, in memory of my mum. I just laser printed a bunch of grape pop logos and applied them with Mod Podge to bottle caps we had tapped two little holes in with a hammer and nail. We did a few coats to keep them from getting scuffed and then we just threaded a medium safety pin into each one.  Here is a link to the video of the trip, the music goes perfectly with this post.

A little extra fun, a gingerbread house we decorated in the house colours. Much fun was had by all kids eating it and playing with the balloons afterwards.

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