Finding Nemo

open-uri20160812-3094-1afk70m_65fadca9Screen shot 2017-05-10 at 4.37.46 PMFor Finding Nemo I made Squirt cupcakes. The recipe is here but I’ve included it below. For the craft, the kids both helped sew a swim bag. We embroidered together two blue face towels from walmart. Then I helped them sew drawstring straps and they embroidered the words “Just Keep Swimming” onto the bottom of the bag.

Screen shot 2017-05-10 at 4.38.01 PMSquirt Cupcakes
12 Cupcakes
Sour Peach candies
Gumdrop candies (red and green)
Spearmint Leaves candies
Mini chocolate chips

1. Frost cupcakes.
2. For each cupcake, slice off and discard the bottom half of a red gumdrop. Place the gumdrop top on the center of a Sour Peach to create a turtle shell. Set the shell atop the cupcake, pressing down slightly to stick it in place.
3. For fins, slice a Spearmint Leaves candy in half.
4. Use the outer pieces for the front fins and the inner pieces for the hind fins.
5. For the head, use a kitchen skewer to poke eyeholes in the sides of a green gumdrop. Then press a mini chocolate chip into each hole, using a dab of white icing to help hold it in place. Set the head in place, again pressing down slightly so that it sticks to the frosting. Continue reading


clouds_up_movie_balloons_movie_2560x1600_wallpaperno.com936full-up-superset-(2-blu--ray-discs-+-1-dvd-disc)-coverWow, it’s been so long since I visited and so much has happened. Sorry to everyone about the break. I got a lovely note from Samantha on twitter who requested Up and Ratatouille and I’ve finished off all the movies so I am posting Up today.

For this movie night my son turned had just turned seven, his official birthday, not the Hobbit party! And now he is eight! How did that happen? I swear I just brought him home from the hospital a few days ago! We did Up for our movie night (his choice). I looked for grape pop in bottles but I had no luck so we did a birthday cake covered with smarties for the snack.

For the craft, we did a canvas with a blue background and a little tiny house painted on and my son held the baby as he blobbed his fingers in a rainbow of colours to make the balloons. The colours in the photo are not reproducing that well here.

It was a very quiet birthday, I called it his “do whatever you want day” (I got the idea from his aunt). We had his favourite pizza for dinner and he played chess, lego and wii. His grandfather came and gave him walkie talkies for the park at Disney. He also got a copy of Spiderwick and some Ninjago Lego from us. Happy Birthday darling boy!

Picture 1Picture 2My son and I also made a dozen of these Ellie badges for all of my family on the trip, in memory of my mum. I just laser printed a bunch of grape pop logos and applied them with Mod Podge to bottle caps we had tapped two little holes in with a hammer and nail. We did a few coats to keep them from getting scuffed and then we just threaded a medium safety pin into each one.  Here is a link to the video of the trip, the music goes perfectly with this post.

A little extra fun, a gingerbread house we decorated in the house colours. Much fun was had by all kids eating it and playing with the balloons afterwards.

A Hundred Acre Woods Movie Night with Winnie the Pooh

expedition1-1ManyAdventuresOfPooh_25thAnniversary_DVDHere is our double bill The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and Winnie the Pooh 2011 movie night. The sequel is actually quite surprisingly good and the kids couldn’t decide which they preferred. They thought the Backson was hysterical.



It was more of a movie day because for breakfast we had a Crystal Palace breakfast of puffed french toast. We found the recipe here which I’ve posted below. So delicious but highly unhealthy so we went for a run after breakfast to make up for it.


We had a nice healthy Rabbit’s garden for lunch to balance it out (carrots, cucumber, broccoli, cauliflower, tomato, zucchini and peppers with dip).

smIMG_8302Snacks during the movie were haycorns (mini shortbread cookies iced together with a chocolate kiss). Just the perfect size for tossing in your mouth. A whole tray did not last long. I saw them here and I’ve posted the recipe I used below.

500 mL butter
250 mL white sugar
10 mL vanilla
1 L all-purpose flour
chocolate icing
chocolate kisses

1. Preheat oven to 180˚C.
2. Cream butter and sugar until fluffy. Stir in vanilla; add flour and mix well.
3. Roll out small balls of dough about the size of a loonie on baking sheets and press to flatten slightly. Bake for 10 – 12 minutes.
4. When cool, ice a blob of chocolate icing to the back of the cookie and attach a chocolate kiss. Ice a small stem on top with chocolate icing.

smIMG_8325And for dessert, a beehive honey cake! I found the idea for that here with a beautiful verison but I made a lot of changes because of my daughter’s nut allergy. I made the cake and icing both honey flavoured (from a box mix), and I used fondant, instead of marzipan for the bees. I’d love to take a cake making class one day. I hate how my cakes NEVER look as good as the ones in the photos. The kids don’t seem to mind though! I’ve posted the recipe below.


For the craft, the kids and I decorated balloons to look like Pooh and Piglet. Well truth be told, they blew up the balloons and spent the afternoon playing with them and they got me to draw the faces on. They did do the tissue paper ears though! You could also do a Tigger balloon too but our orange one popped before I realized that. I got the idea here, all you need is a sharpie, some balloons, tape and matching tissue paper.

smIMG_8395We also painted honey pots which we are using to organize bibs and face cloths in the baby’s drawers. You just need acrylic paint, a brush and a flower pot – easy!

“It’s a Useful Pot,” said Pooh. “Here it is. And it’s got ‘A Very Happy Birthday with love from Pooh’ written on it. That’s what all that writing is. And it’s for putting things in. There!”

Crystal Palace Puffed French Toast Recipe
2 whole eggs
37 mL sugar
2 mL salt
5 mL vanilla extract
500 mL milk
500 mL all-purpose flour
22 mL baking powder
8 slices Texas Toast (or other thick-sliced bread), cut in half diagonally
oil for frying
187 mL sugar
15 mL cinnamon
Optional toppings: powdered sugar, maple syrup, fresh fruit, fruit preserves, whipped cream

1. First, pour the 187 mL sugar and 1 tablespoon cinnamon into a shallow glass dish. Stir well and set aside.
2. Next, cut each slice of bread diagonally into two triangles.
3. In a large bowl, mix eggs, remaining 37 mL of sugar, vanilla and milk with whisk until well blended. Slowly add the flour, salt and baking powder and stir until lumps are gone and batter is smooth. It will be appear similar to pancake batter.
4. Heat 1-inch of cooking oil in a deep frying pan. Test the oil by dropping a tiny bit of batter into it, if it begins sizzling it is ready.
5. Take a bread triangle and dip it into the batter, turning to coating both sides. Then carefully drop it into the hot oil. Using kitchen tongs, flip the bread over as soon as it puffs and turns golden-brown. Once the other side has cooked, remove it with tongs and place it on the empty plate with paper towels to let it soak up any excess oil. Move it on over to cinnamon sugar and roll until completely coated.
7. Sprinkle with powdered sugar, and serve with syrup, fresh fruit and whipped cream.

Beehive Cake
Boxed cake mix with milk oil and eggs
200 mL honey
Container of icing
Yellow and black Food Coloring

1. Butter and flour an 8-inch cake pan and an 8-inch metal mixing bowl. Line the cake pan with a parchment paper round. Set aside.
2. Prepare cake mix and add 125 mL honey. Divide the batter between the cake pan and the prepared bowl.
3. Bake until a tester comes out clean. The cake in the bowl may take a few more minutes. Remove and allow to cool completely.
4. Add 75 mL honey to icing. Divide in half and add yellow food coloring to the other.
5. Slice each of the layer in half, then fill the layers with the icing. Using a small amount of the yellow icing, create a crumb coat to lock in the crumbs and smooth the surface of the cake. Chill.
6. Put a thick layer of icing over the chilled crumb coat. Starting at the top of the cake, use a spatula and create a spiral by slowly spinning and moving the spatula downward.
7. To create the bees: Take a small piece of the fondant and roll it between the palms of your hands until it is lozenge shaped. Taper one end slightly to be the back of the bee. Paint the stripes on the fondant with a clean paintbrush and black food coloring. Allow it to dry until it is no longer tacky. Once the stripes are dry, press flattened balls of fondant into the sides to create the bees wings.


cartoon-wallpaper-disney-dumbo-wallpaper-free-dumbo-pics_1024x768_842351N+p-qfJQL._SL500_AA300_While the baby was little the movie nights were more like movie weeks. Dinner one night, dessert another, then one or two days to finish the craft. Thinks are a bit easier now, he stood up for the first time on Mother’s Day for me! And Dumbo is the perfect movie night for a house with a new baby in it and the perfect Mother’s Day movie.

corn_dogs_smFor a circus dinner we had corn dogs, candy floss and popcorn balls. The recipe for the corn dogs is here. It makes a lot so I would freeze half of the corn dogs once you are finished. For the best effects we put the whole corn dog in the oil and then put the skewers on afterwards, and we used half regular hot dogs and half veggie dogs. Here is the recipe for the popcorn balls but we used butter instead of margarine and only 1/2 a cup of marshmallows (some 6 years old ate all of ours when we last made s’mores – or smoes as we call them here – 5 points if you get that reference). I’ve put both recipes below. Caution: these are super sweet, you may want to pick up some insulin while you are out getting the ingredients! The kids LOVED them! Then we just bought some cotton candy at the bulk barn and made those little white cones with card stock to hold them.

IMG_8286_smFor the craft, my girl and I created an iron-on transfer for a onsie for the baby. The quote is “The very things that hold you down are going to life you up. – Timothy Mouse” with some clip art of a little feather. Learning how to iron safely is always a useful skill for kids. Oh! He’s so tiny here! By the way, our iron-on transfers started to flake off so I had to wash this onsie and let drip dry when it needed cleaning but a friend tells me that this site sells good transfers that work much better than the ones you can find in stores.

Corn Dogs
250 mL yellow cornmeal
250 mL all-purpose flour
1.25 mL salt
.75 mL black pepper
75 mL white sugar
20 mL baking powder
1 egg
250 mL milk
1 L vegetable oil for frying
2 (450 g) packages beef frankfurters

1. In a medium bowl, combine cornmeal, flour, salt, pepper, sugar and baking powder. Stir in eggs and milk.
2. Preheat oil in a deep saucepan over medium heat. Insert wooden skewers into frankfurters. Roll frankfurters in batter until well coated.
3. Fry 2 or 3 corn dogs at a time until lightly browned, about 3 minutes. Drain on paper towels.

IMG_8022_smPopcorn Balls
180 mL light corn syrup
75 mL butter
10 mL cold water
655 mL confectioners’ sugar
125 mL marshmallows
5 L plain popped popcorn

1. In a saucepan over medium heat, combine the corn syrup, margarine, cold water, confectioners’ sugar and marshmallows. Heat and stir until the mixture comes to a boil. Carefully combine the hot mixture with the popcorn, coating each kernel.
2. Grease hands with vegetable shortening and quickly shape the coated popcorn into balls before it cools. Wrap with cellophane or plastic wrap and store at room temperature.

The Spirit of Mickey

wallpapers-mickey-mouse-free-disney-cartoons-picture-1280x1024Spirit_of_Mickey_VHS_coverAlmost everyone in our family is born in the same month so we had a big family party, and because almost everyone coming to the party is  joining us in Disney, we had a Mickey theme. We had Epic Mickey 2 playing on the Wii for the boys and The Spirit of Mickey on the television downstairs.

smIMG_9324We decorated with red roses and balloons, and red table cloths and black mouse ear garlands made from black bristol board. I also have been planning a painting for the dining room for ages but I haven’t finished it yet so I took an old canvas and sketched out a vintage Mickey to hang in that space just for the party.


The menu was black rye bread with red tomatoes, white turkey, havarti and swiss cheese cut into mickey shapes, pizza cut in mickey shapes, fruit plates with raspberries, watermelon, and strawberries, veggie platters with cherry tomatoes, red pepper, button mushrooms and cauliflower with dip, strawberry juice, water and coke to drink with mickey labels made by my son

smIMG_9326Dessert was mickey shaped cookies (iced shortbread with white chocolate chip buttons) and cupcakes (chocolate cupcakes in red cupcake liners with two white hole punch buttons, iced with chocolate icing and dipped in oreo crumbs, then two chocolate biscuits stuck in with extra icing for ears), cinnamon hearts, malt balls and candy sticks in an apothacary jar, and bags of popcorn.


The craft was mouse ears and my daughter made them for everyone. Just rounds of black bristol boaerd attached to headbands from the dollar store (and red bows for Minnie) Unfortunately the baby hated them and screamed the house down when we tried to get a photo with Grandad.




The dog also loathed them. Look at him, you can tell just by looking at him, he’s thinking “Only because I love you. But I still really hate them.”

Just a little snow globe we made out of an old baby bottle, a mickey figurine, some metallic confetti and some glycerine and water. Oh, and we sealed the lid with crazy glue and wrapped it in red duct tape.


atlantis_the_lost_empire_by_elfbiogreen_wallpaper-widedisney_klassiker_atlantis_dvd_3d_dkWe did Atlantis on April fool’s meal because we did “beans, bacon, whiskey, and lard“. The whiskey was apple juice and the lard was white ice cream cut into rectangles. Only thing is, the kids had never seen lard before so they didn’t quite get it but my husband laughed!


Pretty easy preparation, I don’t even have any recipes for this one. Just crack open a tin of beans and heat, cook some bacon, cut up a block of nut-free Chapmans’ vanilla ice cream, pour the apple juice and serve!


For the craft we did Kida’s necklace. I ordered a glowing crystal from China for a dollar or something crazy off of ebay. I got some brown leather necklaces from the dollar store and my son glued the crystal’s cord inside the leather. The cord was pretty fragile and it snapped (what do you expect for a dollar) so my son had fun learning how to help daddy rewire it!

The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Haunted Mansion Double Header

Mickey'sNotSoScaeyHalloweenPartyThe-Haunted-Mansion-dvd-cover61XmviYQr1L._SL500_AA300_So we had originally thought to have a Hallowe’en party/movie night to introduce the baby to everyone in our family. I wanted to cancel but the kids were so looking forward to it so my sweet, darling husband offered to make everything. I had purchased all the materials and ingredients before the baby was born so off he went. I spent the day feeding the bairn and he spent the day cooking, baking, and helping the kids carve pumpkins. He even knew that I wanted photos of the movie nights so he did that too!  We never did get to watch the movies that day but the following Friday was a PD day at the school so the kids and I hung out and watched the double header (while I fed the boy) – the Haunted Mansion and the Nightmare Before Christmas. When I watched the Haunted Mansion when it first came out I thought it was dreadful but apparently if you are between the ages of nine and six, you are at the perfect age to think it’s pretty funny. I even laughed with them when Eddie Murphy meets Madame Leota. I am so excited for the new version of The Haunted Mansion that is (hopefully) coming out with Guillermo del Toro directing. And in even more exciting news, we had to move our trip dates back a bit to suit everyone’s schedule so we will be at Walt Disney World this year during their Mickey’s Not So Scary Hallowe’en Party!
smIMG_8193Here are the Jack Skellington Cookies baked by my husband. The recipe is from here but is pasted below.

500 mL butter
250 mL white sugar
10 mL vanilla
1 L all-purpose flour
Vanilla and chocolate icing

1. Preheat oven to 180˚C.
2. Cream butter and sugar until fluffy. Stir in vanilla; add flour and mix well.
3. Roll dough out on well-floured surface, cut into circles and transfer to baking sheets. Bake for 10 – 12 minutes.
4. When cooled, ice with vanilla icing, then decorate with chocolate icing in Jack Skellington pattern.

smIMG_8198My brother in law printed out tombstones for the cupcakes my husband made and my son decorated. I found the artwork here. The chocolate cupcakes were iced with chocolate icing and then dipped in a bowl of oreo cookie crumbs (smashed beautifully by my son).





Poison (green tea crystal light with green food colouring), skeleton bones (white chocolate melted in a jello mold from the dollar store), and Zero’s kibble (chocolate and yogurt covered raisins in a dog food bowl).






Oogie Boogie Guts (jelly worms and tarantulas) in a paper bag, sewn together by my daughter using wool. I got the idea for the guts and the kibble from this site.

smIMG_8228The crafts were pumpkin carving and haunted mansion bookmarks. The website for the bookmarks was here. And this website here has the other two portraits on it as well so the kids and my niece and nephew created all four.







For decorations we had a Christmas tree decorated with the black ornaments that my son painted, photographer here with a bottle of poison (grape juice), and a glass of chocolate milk with a candy cane stir stick.

Chalk this party up to one of my most idiotic ideas ever. But a great time was had by all 17 guests.

The Adventures of Ichabod Crane and Mister Toad

Walt-Disney-Screencaps-The-Adventures-of-Ichabod-and-Mr-Toad-Title-Card-walt-disney-characters-28496848-2560-1591513KX67DC8L._SL500_AA300_I had originally planned to do The Adventures of Ichabod Crane and Mister Toad for Thanksgiving but it ended up being moved back a week. I moved it because this was the conversation I had at our house Thanksgiving morning after I had finished making the pumpkin pies:
“Hon, can you take the turkey out of the fridge.”
“It’s not here.”
“I thought you took it out of the freezer.”
“Nope, I thought you did!”
smIMG_8004So off I went to the store. Guess what, you can’t find a fresh turkey Thanksgiving day in Canada. So we had ham. We also had a giant, rock-hard, uncooked turkey in our freezer. So we had turkey for our movie night with another pumpkin pie the following weekend! We also served broccoli, sweet potatoes, stuffing, and neeps and tatties (turnip and potatoes).

smIMG_8583Pumpkin Pie
1 egg
15 mL all-purpose flour
180 mL white sugar
2 mL salt
375 mL cups pumpkin puree
375 mL evaporated milk
2 mL ground cinnamon
2 mL ground ginger
1 mL ground nutmeg
30 mL light corn syrup
1 (9 inch) unbaked pie crust

1.Preheat oven to 230˚C.
2.Add the sugar gradually to the pumpkin puree. Beat well an stir in the flour, salt and spices. Stir in the corn syrup and beat well. Stir in the slightly beaten egg, then slowly add the evaporated milk, mixing until well blended. Pour the batter into the unbaked pie shell.
3. Bake at 230˚C for 10 minutes then reduce the oven temperature to 165˚F and continue baking pie for an additional 30 minutes or until a knife inserted into the mixture comes out clean.

For the craft, I had the kids do travel tags with Mister Toad quotes from the movie. “Travel, Adventure, Excitement!” and “We’ll go for a jolly ride!” I got sparkly foam and scrapbook letters and the kids did the lettering. Then we cut out a frame square on one side and the kids inserted their contact info and coloured in a little sketch of Toad I did. Plus since we just moved it was good to help teach them their new info. Perfect for their luggage for Disney, attached with a distinctive ribbon to help find the luggage quickly at the airport! By the way, the letters kind of seem like there is no way they will make it through customs without popping off so I am going to take these to laminate before we go.