atlantis_the_lost_empire_by_elfbiogreen_wallpaper-widedisney_klassiker_atlantis_dvd_3d_dkWe did Atlantis on April fool’s meal because we did “beans, bacon, whiskey, and lard“. The whiskey was apple juice and the lard was white ice cream cut into rectangles. Only thing is, the kids had never seen lard before so they didn’t quite get it but my husband laughed!


Pretty easy preparation, I don’t even have any recipes for this one. Just crack open a tin of beans and heat, cook some bacon, cut up a block of nut-free Chapmans’ vanilla ice cream, pour the apple juice and serve!


For the craft we did Kida’s necklace. I ordered a glowing crystal from China for a dollar or something crazy off of ebay. I got some brown leather necklaces from the dollar store and my son glued the crystal’s cord inside the leather. The cord was pretty fragile and it snapped (what do you expect for a dollar) so my son had fun learning how to help daddy rewire it!