The Spirit of Mickey

wallpapers-mickey-mouse-free-disney-cartoons-picture-1280x1024Spirit_of_Mickey_VHS_coverAlmost everyone in our family is born in the same month so we had a big family party, and because almost everyone coming to the party is  joining us in Disney, we had a Mickey theme. We had Epic Mickey 2 playing on the Wii for the boys and The Spirit of Mickey on the television downstairs.

smIMG_9324We decorated with red roses and balloons, and red table cloths and black mouse ear garlands made from black bristol board. I also have been planning a painting for the dining room for ages but I haven’t finished it yet so I took an old canvas and sketched out a vintage Mickey to hang in that space just for the party.


The menu was black rye bread with red tomatoes, white turkey, havarti and swiss cheese cut into mickey shapes, pizza cut in mickey shapes, fruit plates with raspberries, watermelon, and strawberries, veggie platters with cherry tomatoes, red pepper, button mushrooms and cauliflower with dip, strawberry juice, water and coke to drink with mickey labels made by my son

smIMG_9326Dessert was mickey shaped cookies (iced shortbread with white chocolate chip buttons) and cupcakes (chocolate cupcakes in red cupcake liners with two white hole punch buttons, iced with chocolate icing and dipped in oreo crumbs, then two chocolate biscuits stuck in with extra icing for ears), cinnamon hearts, malt balls and candy sticks in an apothacary jar, and bags of popcorn.


The craft was mouse ears and my daughter made them for everyone. Just rounds of black bristol boaerd attached to headbands from the dollar store (and red bows for Minnie) Unfortunately the baby hated them and screamed the house down when we tried to get a photo with Grandad.




The dog also loathed them. Look at him, you can tell just by looking at him, he’s thinking “Only because I love you. But I still really hate them.”

Just a little snow globe we made out of an old baby bottle, a mickey figurine, some metallic confetti and some glycerine and water. Oh, and we sealed the lid with crazy glue and wrapped it in red duct tape.