It has been so long since I saw Dinosaur that I made volcano cakes for our dessert but I think I was getting it a bit mixed up with Fantasia. My husband said that flaming marshmallows as meteors from when we went camping this summer would have been more true to the movie. (My daughter tried to put the flames on her marshmallow for her S’more out by waving it in the air, and instead, it burned even brighter and was sent flying towards her brother, almost causing HIS extinction!) We were too busy trying to avoid conflagration to take photos and I am NOT staging that! And a volcano is still appropriate as learning experience because it is a possible reason for their eventual extinction. And it was more yummy than a burning marshwallow! ANYWAY!

I was inspired by this site for the recipe. Instead of a pudding cake from scratch though, I just used regular chocolate cake mix from a box and made them in tall biscuit pans (I found some at Home Sense). You then take red and orange chocolate wafers (I got mine at the Bulk Barn), melt them carefully in the microwave, and dribble them over the cooled baked cupcakes. First dribble the red in an x-shape, then the orange in another x, then swirl another spoonful of the red on top.

For crafts we just did a couple of kits from the dollar store. My son loved the excavation of the dinosaur egg so much he said he would like to change his university major from astrophysics to archeology. We also built a model out of wood which he also enjoyed. I find that with two children with such different tastes, it’s sometimes easier to take turns with their crafts and activities.

Oh! The fun thing was I let them watch Doctor Who’s Dinosaurs on a Spaceship on Friday. Then Saturday morning after figure skating and hockey we stopped at the Salvation Army to see if they had any of the Disney movies we were still missing on VHS. While we were there we saw THIS! My daughter bought her for $10 for the new baby. I remember when these first came out a couple of years ago but I thought my son was getting too big to justify the expense because at the time they were something like $500! We named her Tricey in honour of Doctor Who and the kids have been feeding her for two days now. So it ended up being a very Dinosaur-y weekend!